IBM Notes/Domino uses a proprietary file format to store document information - independent of the documents purpose. Documents stored in IBM Notes/Domino data stores (.nsf files) can therefore only be accessed with IBM Notes or other clients that implement the appropriate APIs.

It's common use to save documents and their related attachments to IBM Notes/Domino databases. On average, those attachments account for up to 80%-90% of the overall database size. The size of a database not only has a negative impact on the system performance, it also causes major challenges with regard to backup and recovery cycles, because the time available is not sufficient processing the data volume.

In addition, legal requirements with regards to the documentation of business activities cannot be achieved, as documents are stored in files with proprietary formats (.nsf files). Companies cannot guarantee the immutability and universal readability of documents over time.

DocumentDirectory provides you with the ability to export documents from any IBM Notes/Domino database and import them into a target system of your choice. Documents can be transformed into different formats during the internal processing between export form IBM Notes/Domino and import into the target system.

The following list is a short summary of key DocumentDirectory features:

  • Export and import of IBM Notes/Domino documents including attachments based on Domino XML (DXL) standard and assignment to business activities, topics or projects.
  • Optimization of storage consumption by intelligently avoiding duplicates.
  • Investment protection by offering interfaces to existing Document Management and Archive Systems.
  • Minimal education efforts for end users achieved through a direct integration into IBM Notes.
  • Easy access to the exported documents through direct links between the original document in IBM Notes/Domino and the target system.
  • Support for any IBM Notes/Domino application (e-mail, project management, quality management etc.)
  • Universal readability of exported documents through transformation into standardized formats such as EML (RFC-2822), TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or others which are independent of IBM Notes/Domino.
  • Easy implementation and immediate use through support of mass import and batch processing.

DocumentDirectory, as any application developed by THiNK - e-solutions builds on top of standard IBM Notes/Domino APIs, takes care of all existing security mechanisms and support any IBM Notes/Domino version (5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 9.x).