Very rarely in Information Technology (IT), solutions do what they were ment to do out of the box. Nevertheless, one can choose from a multitude of interesting products which, independent from the commercial aspects (closed vs. open source), can be used to increase the efficiency of processes and thereby reduce cost.

THiNK - e-solutions has special expertise in the areas of "Systems Management" and "Enterprise Content Management". We use open source products (e.g. products of the Apache Software Group) as well as commercial software to implement cost effectiv, appropriate solutions. In our projects, we leverage existing technolgies to maximize the benefits for our customers. We continuously evaluate new technical approaches and solutions and always look beyond our own nose. Special attention is paid on using standard solutions as far as possible and implement configurable, highly flexible interfaces between systems

And, sometimes a project ends with a standard solution which can be made available as a product to other customers. All our products proof that focusing on customer requirements is the right approach. A collaborative work environment between customer and vendor clearly outperforms just selling software packages in the long run.