DataExtractor for HCL Notes/Domino

DataExtractor for HCLNotes/Domino is used to extract documents, their metadata as well as their attachments from any kind of HCL Notes/Domino application. If required, it can transform the document to PDF while preserving data integrity and fidelity.


Ever wanted to get all your documents out of any HCL Notes/Domino based application - including metadata, attachments (standard attachments as well as OLE objects) and richtext field contents with a single mouse click?

With more than eight years of experience in integrating with HCL Notes/Domino at the C-API level, we can provide you with an out-of-the-box solution and/or services to extract all or selected documents with their full set of metadata, attachments and richtext fields in an editable format from any IBM Notes/Domino application.

Documents can be extracted in Domino XML (DXL), EML, RTF and HTML format and converted to PDF or PDF/A on the fly. For the PDF based formats, visibility of all collapsible sections, hidden text and fixed width tables and images is assured. Attachments - if extracted - will be available in their native format. All or selected richtext fields can be exported to RTF files which can then be directly edited in Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer.

DataExtractor for HCL Notes/Domino works with any HCL Notes/Domino applicaiton and does not require any changes to the application itself. It can therefore be very quickly set up for any of your applications (typically between 5 and 10 minutes per application to prepare for the export).

It is available as a standalone product, but it can easily be integrated into other products (e.g. for migration purposes), too.

Functional details

  • Extract documents in the following formats:
    • Domino XML (DXL)
    • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML),
    • Internet Message Format (EML)
    • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Extract the documents's metadata
  • Export attachments in their native format and link them to the document; automatically unzip if required
  • Extract contents of all composite items (richtext fields) into separate files in richtext format (RTF) and be able to edit them in Microsoft Office Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer
  • Create PDF file that contains a document's PDF rendition as well as the attachments in a single, self-contained file

Competitive advantages

  • Highly flexible by means of configuration
  • Unique feature set
  • Support for all HCL Notes/Domino versions since version 6.x
  • Support for any HCL Notes/Domino application
  • No need to modify the application itself
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use