DXL Plug-in for EMC Documentum CTS

With the Content Transformation Services (CTS) framework and the products that build on top of it like Document Transformation Services (DTS) and Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS), EMC provides a powerful platform to transform documents residing inside an EMC Documentum repository from one format into another (e.g. Microsoft Office® documents into TIFF, PDF or PDF/A).

The standard version of the products mentioned above can convert basically all Microsoft Office® formats, but many others, too.

With the DXL Plug-in for EMC Documentum CTS THiNK - e-solutions offers an add-on module for the CTS framework. The plug-in allows for server based transformation of IBM Notes/Domino documents in IBM Domino XML (DXL) format into a broad range of target formats (e.g. TIFF, PDF and PDF/A). The renditions cretead by the plug-in depict exactly what a user would see when opening the document in IBM Notes (default view).

By storing document in EMC Documentum in DXL format, companies thereby gain:

  • The ability to re-import the documents into IBM Notes and work with them the same way they do with documents that reside in a IBM Notes/Dominog database. Users can open the documents in IBM Notes, edit them, reply to them or forward them, just to give a few examples.
  • Legal compliance, because documents can read independently of a IBM Notes/Domino infrastrucutre in the future and are stored in an internationally accepted, standardized format.

The DXL Plug-in für EMC Documentum CTS is in production use at customers in different vertical markets. The transformation of a single IBM Notes/Domino document takes approx. 1,5 seconds on average. When running a mass transformations approx. 800.000 documents could be processed in lesss than 2 months time with a success rate of more than 95%. Details about these projects can be shared on request.

The plug-in can transform documents from any IBM Notes/Domino database. It is compatible with EMC Documentum 5.x and 6.x environments.